Merchandise Questions

I love other shows that Complexly produces, like Crash Course! Are there calendars for those?

This year, we started out with just the five calendars for Bizarre Beasts, Eons, Journey to the Microcosmos, SciShow, and SciShow Space. We’d love to hear from you what other shows you would like to see a calendar of in the future! You can let us know at https://complexly.com/contact/ 

When will you get [insert specific calendar] back in stock?

These calendars are only available in limited quantities and they will not be restocked once they are sold out.

What should I do if I see someone using your designs and selling them?

Thanks for looking out! Unfortunately, we aren't able to do much in the way of stopping imitation merchandise, but if you happen across blatant copies, let us know, and we can help to keep tabs on it! 

Where is DFTBA Records located? Can I buy something at the physical location?

DFTBA Records is located in Missoula, Montana. We do not allow purchases to be made at our physical warehouse, and there are no retail locations where you can purchase the items available on this site.

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